Science, Practice and Art
Behind the human potential

Here I share thoughts, experiences, as well as well validated research data regarding human resilience, abilities, and talents. I share my perspectives as a psychologist, talent development expert, therapist, mother, and a genuinely caring person, hoping that they might help clarify and support heats and minds in need.

Self-sabotage – what’s behind the venomous snake that hinders your success?

“Why do I keep sabotaging myself and not doing what I truly want to? Why do I avoid, delay, lie, find excuses? Why do I eat what I know is making me feel bad in the long run?”Let’s find out.

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Life after burnout. Is leaving the best option?

Burnout a debilitating experience and career staller? Or a gateway into new life? Can we change the way we think about it? Can we destigmatize burnout? Can we create a path for the employee to confidently step back into the game? Or is leaving the best way forward?

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The most distinctive predictor of burnout that most employee engagement surveys completely ignore.

Do you know what measure can be used to identify the potential risk of burnout early on? Are your antennas set to pick up this specific signal? Are you asking the right questions?

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Burnout. A quick and simple way to turn sloppy outsourcing into effective HR practice.

“When I struggled with burnout, my HR was useless. I didn’t feel comfortable opening up to them.” Let’s rescue both: the suffering employee and the good HR name.

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Burnout – your work is just the trigger, not a root cause.

I aim to challenge the common belief that burnout is purely or mainly a job-related condition. I address a common but not widely known origin of burnout.

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Breaking the spell.

What do you do when you witness a child crying? They are not yours. They are not abused. Just ignored by their parents. Do you react? Or do you mind your own business?

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You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

I consider this poem one of the most profound, enlightening, and uplifting verses for every human being. It gives hope, relief, and purpose to many of my clients crushed, hurt, and wounded early in their lives.

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The day you were born.

All you need to be the best of you and who you are meant to be is already in you. It might be covered, suppressed, forgotten, but it is there.

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