The day you were born.

All you need to be the best of you and who you are meant to be is already in you.

All you need to be the best of you and who you are meant to be is already in you. It might be covered, suppressed, forgotten, but it is there. It’s not only something I passionately believe in, but it is the most fundamental principle of Rapid Transformational Therapy® philosophy. Contrary to coaching, where a coach helps a client build or develop a new skill, this principle defines a therapist’s role as the one who helps you find the way to yourself that deep inside you know you are.

The day you were born.

You were born perfect. We all were.
You were born exactly the way you were meant to be.
Because you were meant to be.

In size, shape, colour, sensitivity, and alertness just right for you.

You were not afraid of the darkness; in fact, you came from a pretty dark place.
You didn’t feel ashamed or guilty for your performance in any way:
for coming too early or too late,
for making your diapers, clothes, and things around dirty again and again,
for demanding food, comfort, warmth, love, attention, and affection
hundreds and thousands of times each day… and night.

The day you were born, you didn’t think you were too

The day you were born, you didn’t bite your nails, diet, binge, gamble.
You didn’t pluck your eyelashes, pick out your skin, self-harm.
You didn’t need a pill to fall asleep,
you didn’t need a cigarette to calm down,
you didn’t need a glass of wine to relax.

You didn’t judge, shame, blame, or punish yourself for not living up to anybody’s expectations.
You didn’t procrastinate or sabotage yourself.

The day you were born, you didn’t try to be perfect.
You were.
You knew you were.
The day when you were born.

Things happened later. Along the way, you developed a belief, an idea, a conviction that there is something wrong with you, that you are at fault, that you are a fraud, that you are guilty of something, or that you need to be punished…
That you are imperfect, not good enough, not worth love, attention, affection, position, money…
That you need to pretend and disguise your true self; otherwise, you will lose what you so desperately want but feel you cannot have.

We acquire such thoughts throughout our lives, often so early that we believe we were born this way.
But we were not.
We were born perfect.
We were born the way we were meant to be.
Knowing that we are worthy of love, attention, and care.

The day you were born again.

Free yourself from the past, from what holds you back, and what makes you suffer.
Make your presence and the future better, way better than the past.
You haven’t lost your strength, confidence, and love.
They may have been hidden, but they have always been in you and with you.
The Powerful, Loving Self has always been around, waiting for you to be ready to discover it.

Rediscover and embrace yourself.
Get your strength back.

Draco Mom
Awake Accept Arise.

P.S. I am not a poet by any means, so if you are longing for something that warms up your soul as much with the truth and depth as with elegance, beauty, and grace in style, On Children by Kahlil Gibran is where you want to spend two minutes to find inspiration for hours, days, or life.

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