Why RTT®

I will give you the results you want FAST

Would you commit to weekly therapy for the next 1-2-3 years (or even a lifetime as some of my clients were told) if you knew there is a better solution that will end your suffering/struggle in only one, two or three sessions?

Would you choose to visit a doctor with an open wound every week for months or years without clarity how to live with this open wound and without a vision when it will be healed?

Some of my clients were told that their “condition is so bad, that it will take years to get them back to “normal”” and sometimes that “they will never be fully cured”. Extremely disheartening.

There is better.

And faster. Using Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT® ) process and the toolkit I work with you to discover and understand why the issue came to your life and effectively liberate you from it. Within One Meeting. I DO NOT set the alarm clock for 50 or 55 minutes, and I DO NOT ask you to leave with “bleeding heart” inviting you in a week time without giving you any tool to deal with the pain.

If we need two hours, two and a half or three hours - it does not matter. What matters is that you get healed and you can start living better. Immediately.

Intentional about time

Fast also means extremely focused. We don’t waste any time chatting “how do you feel?”. I know you suffer. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. We hit the ground running the minute the session starts.

Only once the session is completed, I ask: How do you feel?

“Why am I like this? I don’t know what’s wrong with me?”

Every single person starts or ends their disclosure / story this way. Proceed or followed by:

“I drink, binge, smoke, gamble, loose my temper, sabotage myself, hide, hurt, panic, get depressed, anxious, bite nails, can’t get pregnant, build healthy relations...etc.” you name it.

Understanding is power.

Absolute clarity of the exact reason and how specifically it caused your problem is crucial to get healed.

  • Some people are completely puzzled: “I have no clue why I keep sabotaging myself.”
  • Quite a few believe they were just born this way: “I’ve been shy and stuttering since I remember.” (well... except from when you were born).
  • Some think it’s genetic: “My mom / dad / grandma was obese / addicted / depressed, so it’s in our genes.”
  • Others concluded some connection, but cannot utterly understand the “why”, hence their mind and heart are satisfied with just partial understanding. “My dad was an alcoholic that’s why I struggle with confidence / relationships / money..., but I know others who grew up with an addict and don’t have same struggles...”

I guide you through proven steps of RTT® process to get to the very bottom of how your very unique experience has shaped your life, your personality, your view of the world and self.

Once and forever you get your answer to “Why am I this way?”. Understanding is power.

And when the poison is identified, the remedy becomes evident too.

Liberate your ability to experience freedom and wellbeing

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” C.G. Jung

Many of my clients have gone through hell. To keep them reliving their trauma week after week for months and sometimes years seems immoral to me. There are ways to start healing immediately after we discovered the root cause of your pain, within the same session.

I help you break free from the heavy armor you built over years and you start discovering within you all the wonders you have seek for so long.

I give

  • Freedom
  • Choice
  • Control
  • Voice
  • Power

back to you.

Your calm breath, your good sleep at night, and your tears of joy too.

“How do you feel?” I only ask once your session is complete.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
Joseph Campbell